Consumer Scams and Fraud Against the Elderly

Southern California Elderly Consumer Fraud Attorney

We hear about it all the time: an innocent senior is bilked out of their life savings by a smooth-talking scam artist. These types of crimes are becoming more prevalent as a large portion of our society grows older. Many people over age 65 have accumulated substantial assets over their lifetime; scam artists and thieves are "following the money" and increasingly cheating the elderly.

As an elder abuse lawyer, I, Kevin P. Kane, am dedicated to helping prevent these types of scams and holding those responsible for such unscrupulous acts accountable for the financial harm they have caused.

If you suspect an elderly family member has been the victim of some type of consumer fraud or scam, come to my offices in Los Angeles, California today. Contact me to schedule your free initial consultation. If there is a scam at work, I will uncover it and pursue those responsible.

Effectively Addressing All Types of Consumer Fraud

Some common examples of consumer fraud involving seniors include:

  • Telemarketing scams in which the caller asks for bank account information or social security numbers
  • Fundraising scams, whether over the phone or door-to-door
  • Fraud targeted at members of senior organizations, including church congregations, social groups and others
  • Inappropriate "investment" programs involving long-term annuities, highly speculative securities and other questionable financial devices

Seniors and elderly persons can often be too trusting of a kind voice or trustworthy face, putting them at greater risk for consumer fraud. Thousands of Californians each year fall prey to these cheats - it's a good idea to keep close watch on the finances of your elderly family members. There are warning signs to consider, such as requests for account numbers or social security numbers, or a failure to put offers in writing.

If you suspect trouble, act immediately. Contact me today at The Law Offices of Kevin P. Kane to take the first step toward justice. Most of the cases I accept are handled on a contingency basis - you pay nothing unless we recover a favorable verdict or settlement for you.

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