Financial Abuse

California Elder Abuse Attorney

Not all elder abuse involves physical harm or neglect. Financial abuse is becoming increasingly prevalent as our society ages. In the U.S., a growing number of people over age 65 have substantial assets, often in the form of home equity. These people become the target of persons who seek to exploit the weakened physical condition and helpless situation of these "wealthy" seniors for their own financial gain.

As a California elder abuse attorney, I, Kevin P. Kane, am dedicated to exposing acts of elder abuse - including financial abuse - and recovering proper compensation for those who have been exploited. On many occasions my law firm has been successful in recovering outstanding verdicts and settlements on behalf of clients throughout Southern California.

If someone you love has been the target of financial abuse, contact my offices today. I provide free initial consultations in all elder abuse cases.

Elder Financial Abuse Arises in a Wide Range of Circumstances

Unscrupulous and greedy family members who can't wait for their inheritance are often responsible for financial abuse. Investment advisors, bankers, attorneys and others may also be guilty of financial exploitation, engaging in professional negligence and unethical behavior. In addition, elderly persons are often the targets of consumer scams and fraud.

No matter who is responsible, they should be held accountable. Our seniors must be protected. How can you tell if financial elder abuse is occurring? There are warning signs, including a lack of money for necessities, changes in property or vehicle titles, excessive activity in investment accounts and more.

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If you suspect a family member or loved one has been the target of elder financial abuse, contact me today to schedule your free consultation. The vast majority of the cases I accept are handled on a contingency basis - you pay nothing unless we recover a favorable verdict or settlement for you.

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